This is a tasty family tradition. This is the story of Beddini: the artisans of sweetness.

It all began with the passion of Mauro Beddini. As a young man, he travelled around Italy to learn the secrets of baking and pastry-making art.
In 1981, he moved back to his hometown, Foligno, where he took over a long-standing and renowned pastry shop. Together with his wife Fulvia, they have been following in the footsteps of the great Umbrian pastry-making tradition, making the most of local recipes and choosing to use natural and fresh ingredients from local suppliers.


Real good comes from loving your job.

Mauro Beddini’s passion flows into his creations. Pastry-making is not just about making pastries – Beddini’s goodies come from traditional recipes, using carefully selected and handmade ingredients. It is more than just a job – it is a path to quality, which starts with valuable raw materials, is enhanced by the great taste of traditional recipes, and is perfected by the careful work of our master pastry chefs. In addition to our pastry department, with the ice cream parlour and the chocolate shop, don’t miss out on our café specialties and sandwiches. Located in a warm and spacious venue just a few minutes away from Foligno city centre, where the city meets the countryside, Beddini pastry shop is the perfect place for your reception or private party.

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Enjoy a pleasant moment or a tasty night out.

Beddini Bistro’s modern, spacious and hip venue is perfect at any time of the day, and especially for a rich and tasty cocktail hour or a casual but nice dinner. In our show kitchen, experienced chefs prepare the typical dishes of our Umbrian tradition and Mediterranean cuisine. Try our excellent pizza, and our special Light pizza, made with roasted whole soy flour, soft wheat flour, extra-virgin olive oil and natural yeast. Our prime ingredients ensure the highest quality and digestibility to our customers. In the heart of Foligno, where the city comes to life, here is a perfect spot to enjoy a moment of real pleasure.

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Tradition and quality are our hallmarks.

The tradition of our craft and the quality of our products are the hallmarks of Forno Nocera Umbra Bakery.
The use of cutting-edge equipment, in line with the latest standards and certifications, and of carefully selected flours, as well as our respect for the ancient ways, such as natural leavening, make Forno Nocera Umbra Bakery’s products healthy and nutritious, a staple in every meal. From panini to filoni, from wholemeal bread to olive oil bread, from traditional savoury to special doughs: we make all kinds of bread to meet your taste. Forno Nocera Umbra Bakery – the pleasure of our freshly baked treats.

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In Foligno, Beddini is more than just a pastry shop. We offer a wide range of other services, too – such as bakery, restaurant and catering – and we supply bars, restaurants and pizza shops. Find out more about Beddini’s quality.


At Beddini, high quality is guaranteed across our whole range of products – from bakery products and the like, to short-life, medium-life and long-life pastries.

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Beddini’s catering service will cover all your needs, including waiters, tables, chairs, gazebos, and everything required to deliver a full and professional service.

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All year round, every day, we timely serve the best bars, restaurants, pizza shops, hotels, centres, canteens and grocery shops in the area with everything they need.

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Stories about the tradition and values of the Beddini family.